Breathing classes that will maximize your breath to live a healthier life!

30 Days to Strong Lungs Program

Make a change today!

Do you sometimes feel like you can't take a deep breath? Do you deal with stress and anxiety and want to learn how to manage it? Do you want stronger breathing muscles? Do you want to breathe better? Do you want an overall better life style? Well, you are in the right place! 

The 30 Days to Strong Lungs Program is created specifically to ensure your success to stronger and more flexible breathing muscles. Breathing research has shown that stronger and more flexible breathing muscles can improve many aspects in one’s life. Research suggests that breathing effectively and correctly helps to improve the longevity of life, improves stress and anxiety, creates a more restful sleep, and also improves the immune system. Having a bigger and correct breath will  allow you to live a more relaxed and healthy life. Healthy lungs mean a healthy life!

What to expect: 

The program has been created to help you get in the habit of practicing breathing exercises everyday. At the beginning of the program the main focus is to unlock the diaphragm and improve the mobility of the breathing muscles. The last part of the program will focus on strengthening the breathing muscles. The progression of the program begins easy, but will increase its intensity and difficulty as the weeks go by. Each day has its own designated breathing exercises you must complete within a certain time frame, starting with 10 minutes a day. Time and intensity will increase overtime. 

The best part of it all is that you will receive 3 group breathing coaching sessions with me to help guide you throughout the program and teach you breathing exercises along the way. I talk to you about the importance of breathing correctly, correct your own breathing,  show you the exercises you will be completing throughout the month, and also lead you through a meditation towards the end of the program.

In Summary:

  • Program begins on June 1st 
  • 3 live sessions in total: Session 1 - May 31st at 1:00pm pst, Session 2 - June 14th at 1:00pm pst, Session 3 - June 28th at 1:00pm pst
  • You will learn how to take your own breathing assessment
  • You will gain extensive information and gain knowledge about the mechanics and psychology of breathing 
  • You will receive a calendar with a detailed break down for each day of exercises to complete
  • You will learn a guided meditation that will not only help you strengthen your breathing muscles, but also bring you immense calmness and relaxation
  • You have the option to include a private one-on-one breathing coaching session with me for further guidance and direction during the program. You will have a personalized breathing class to help you meet your own breathing needs


$120 without 1-0n-1 breathing session

$155 with 1-on-1 breathing session 


With your dedication and practice, you will develop strong breathing muscles before you know it. In just 30 days you will see results and your life will change forever!